Logical Mulch~The End ~From Gods to Self


Dark-scatters thrown out of lighted galaxies
Dusty trail of hunch backs with karmic burden sacs
Crafty angels to groaning devils
Disgraced Gods too in forlorn faces
Filling cosmic debris of an estranged comet’s tail

Sucks into their final destinies
Blackish waiting whirlpool, the Hole.

Biased baritones no one sings here
Brutally assessed assignments
Not spared. Anyone.
Even Them.
Not any privileged refugees this vacuumed village has
Not any fake confinements of cozy asylums this offers

Damned to be mulched in depths out of sucking innards

Dozing for a moment in heady
lethargy, you got that what you deserved!
Dared mistakes in your cherished
creativity, pathogens let loose easily

Virally insane these deformed cranky reeds
Bearing flexible bows of shameless bones bending in serial lusts
Smelling rotten eggs of poisoned words seeding desirous weeds
Mapping mysterious plots to split way any tiny virgin thoughts
Digging deep-templed virtues inside out to disastrous disappearances

Self feigned long for several births sleeping in sanguine silence
Shades of its stuffed up vengeance explodes in self-infliction

Knotted knight clusters bloom in its night soils
Land of the Lord
Lord of the Rings

Raised hard as if they erupt each time when
stared under unscrupulous scrutiny or say, divinity drives

Mount they guard becomes just a mound
Hunter dogs flagged their marks in ecstasy
Succumbed destiny prick as itchy allergic rashes
Bitter memories locked up in dormant cellular histories

Blocked reserves needs a let out
Pierced hard knocking corky closures
Tapped out its crying sacred springs
Squeezed into sustenance of their species.

No more rendezvous, you sick diseased warriors
Better are non-conquested fallows, sapped out though
One self-rhapsody would end them in entirety
A mutilation mutiny to bury under its sloppy bushes
Chunks would be spread as munchy soft mulches
Let the daffodils laugh aloud with their deathly inherits
Timely snatched- crushed- coffined to its hungry-tongued roots

Entrance name board hangs in swollen spathes
Liberated conch shell expels useless slimy tentacles
Dying snail housed unaroused falls out unreasoned
Let the empty skeletons be handed over, hammered
hard to brittle flights binding as crunchy white mulches

Kissing thorny bases of blood roses to their drying decay

p.s: first published by self on du-poetry site on 25th November 2012 1:10am



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