drones of destruction


You still want to lie over adulterated substratum
And, love the warmth they emit travelling amidst half-cleared chaos
Globetrotting fearfully bear synthetic bonsai of pruned thorns
X-factor kinky appeals to passerby eyes’ rewrites your autolysis

Minute-some clouds of dust soils you
Their (debatable) cleansing chatters never rinse you
Paid chapters get sprayed on weighty neighbours in a lucky draw

And, here I lay
Most unfortunate than your messy encounters
Parrot on a petty deal of infective rusted cage
Pouring molten golden emotions

Bristle heart.

Night-fully nestled only to fly.

Restless stinging attacks.

p.s: Published 7th December 2012 7:49pm, by self  on du-poetry


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