What the strangest thing you are composed of...

 That you make me cry out of curiosity
In unstopped rhythms of rapid breathing
That those eyes at distance give a shiver
At my core like I am inside your nibbling jaws
That my stealing glances on you too needs
A self-militarized curb so you never spot me
That I entangle myself in a terrible chaos
Restraining my attracting self towards you
That I lead a deathly life of a stranger in your
Eyes, which I passionately love until last breath
That those discovered miraculous elements
you are made of, I bear unrevealed in sweet solitude

 I dare to unravel your gleaming peels of concentric eyes’
That takes me each time to the deepest point where “we” live
Dreamt reality resides not just in my thoughts
Its previewed in your heart’s doorway, your eyes!


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