Studded rows of distant lights like shimmering caterpillars
Piled up to slanting infinity, running in tiled blocks touching skies
Oozing across their edges wavy fluids of shying lights
Good enough! Streaks mysteriously revealing colours
Dazing off this curious mind in an unevasive curb

Reminds me the cryptic ways you annihilate that little sanity
And, that one befitting hit over temple gives swirling images
Blurry thousand avatars of a dictating physician, or a magician?
Ahh! they never seem to merge for once and for all, and that let them be!
Am loving this, these outrageously omnipresent floating forms of yours

Get it a full go you God of all things!  Embracing in a hermetic enclosure,
I never ever thought of crossing this fence that I am immersed in now, forever!


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