thy sun


(thyself )

even the cursor
gets into despotic mode

dormant senses
prolonged inactions
translates  in unrealistic castings
cruelistlesstagnantornefarious visions

rough heads of expressionless rigidity
crumbles fine in an artistic avalanche
wears an ecstatic hearty meltdown in glassy shades
breaking in million innocent eyes from bottled selves
scattering infinite light rays  in limitless optimistic heights
Let this become thy scriptless mothertongue
Let this be thy borderless nation
Let this be my timeless  sustenance….

I plead my geared up mitochondria mechanisms
I pray to my vibrant secretes of harmonic masterglands
I prepare to run a fiery corpuscular marathon bubbling in renewed spirits

Hardest lessons are the best resurrections
Silence might reflect dooming darks of numbest nights
Shall shatter  this carried-like-crafted mistaken identity
Shall disprove showcased mislabelling with terrible outcomes

( thy talk  to thy Sun )

It’s you
It’s you again
It’s only you again

Shocking words of anger
Grilling effects of hatred
Epicentres an awakening tremor
Your impulses restarts my meagre pulse
Slumbers expelled in an alarming note
Blame not I would these weaponries
Rightful torments of a questioning love
Rightfully borne only by a heart in love
I burn in your doubts towards dangerous confirmations
I still would lay there in micronic ashes of your chanted name
I still would fill a trivial cell in your sacred chambered heart
I still wait to fulfil your holistic appetite of unspecified love
Accept this wild course of a river in search of your oceans
Accept this quake-hit broken terrain fixed up in your glances

Now. Let’s thrive
Smells of a fertile flower filling with lifelong linger
Instils an insatiable hunger to continue whatever forever
Sweats out a continuum to move on in vigorous momentum
To walk that path directed by our intuitive streams in unison
And, there is no darkness when fear is forgotten to be unknown
Fostered within amidst trials and errors not grown to any crimes
Holed up soul fabric exposes ratbites of extrinsic miseries
Twinkles as rays of your originating sunbeams passes through
Times of hunger smells again in pains of labour aching for more
A smile spread in this divinity gives a self-surrendered permanence

As designs ought to abide, brushed up your once neared matrix
A revival of left out bonds comes in a blossoming instance
Some heaviness of a ball  spreads  flat in a predisposed mat
That sparks you hold lights up a sudden fuel well
That ignition you make brings up a single blinding fire
Flickering start of a star
Conjugates  our contents
Fuses the frames apart

Never did pretence or veins of improbability get a spoiling chance
And, ever would the fairy conception blame its golden half anytime?

It gathered pearls as it all happened
One thing that would be an offense
Still green pains of past spelt in share
But never did I get how to love love
Teary oceans add up to the shaken seas
Still staring long to glimpse our reflections
Could the love in love imbibe saltiest cries
Could the matured  warmth of ours hold these breaths of coldness suffered

Streaking rainbows in stormy clouds, your skies is what I  wear inner
Peeling off bitter shreds day by day, the cherished nights seem to disappear
Silence is what is stored in spell less times of composure
Blankness is what is left like copiously merged vacuoles
Split open each numb seed in delicate knives of your trials
Something springs out new pumped with yearning blood of our love
Coppery gleaming flush is what you had given in multitude of offsprings


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