This time too it’s no different
Only that it blooms out of the blues
Black shadows sandwiched in no moon nights
Something goes down as steps stamp that trigger spot
Somewhere from its base it shakes subtly
Long grinding note of million mixed echoes deepens as if it never ends
Though its sharp disappearance mysteriously goes undefined
Notable husky performance coincides quickly rocketing air lift of anaemic heels
A thickened surround sound digs in a déjà vu
Pours in memories of seeded figments
Of an erroneous phase crossed in repeats
Of unfinished dreams, non endeavoured spaces
Of devouring love, unreachable point of nearness
Of forgotten sleep in painlashes holding unblinking heaviness

Reminders born in its meeting moment, of still long journey defying time?
Dashes out balled up rigidity filling throats to thighs in non-emetic silence
Feel those slips under wrapped up cracked feet
Sailing away may be the way, freely along , fairly afar
Drifting plinth(s) of newer worlds.


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