Mid-air criss-crossing winches
shows up in trails on my unintended vision,
Stares fixed on something beyond nothing
that made me feel like an eaten gangrene for a second
Those thin threads of ropy suspension still makes
hazy impression like a running twisted serpentine

When each detailing caught in this so-called
bleak picture, how clear might be that something?

Mortality ends here dear mankind! Eternal clarity
held in those shrinking unblinking eyelids,deny me?

Situational termites of time attracts opportune guests,
Ghosts rather, puking over purity those half-digested ideas,
Extrapolated focal points land on that massive speck of hope,a
flashed eye-light from my beloved when I have been unnoticing, now resurfaces

Kill me million times only to be born endless, if you would still
deny illogical matrix holds life, not just flesh but something beyond death

Lonely full moon fill my eyes , only hindering layer are those
hurrying cloud blankets in hide and seek play, still what is seen is him, my love!


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