the feel of life




What it takes in making a feel come fully alive?
Premeditated self of fidelity towards a purpose
rises in tiny rivulets of attempts,
unlocks to free little by little,
that tied-up hugeness of inner slave,
shows up in a release of air, raring to fly unbound,
an air attached with tiny
floats of aloof island-pieces of feel ions,

some touch upon,even hit hard to throw
out a tremble of sweaty fear,
a sweet-digging strangeness flow,
a caved-in life-giving hotness,
or just a sprinkle of goose pimples even.
Chemistry is a two-way try,
fused threads of one and the other in an exchange,
a release of newly felt feel,
simply clusters the islands to a landmass chunk for a happy walk,
though bleeds of pain too is not uncommon sooner or later.
Other multiple transfers is a lucky lame duck,
more than two seems to be a rare sight in any case.


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