that which breathes fidelity



Sorry dear! Your attitudinal slang
doesn’t show up any roughness guts.
A made-up skin to ward-off you may think.
Any way I see you, I sense pureness.
Am here to stay whatever it takes.

No way, I may say…or can it be that way?
It cannot be that way, a lying self-advocacy
Finally I feign to hang upon that discrepancy
Its better to hold an unwilling mind
upon a twisted diabolical option.
Mind fights enough to cheat self
to shine in cosmetics of city,
though I house a bubbling heart
dying out of linear rustic hopes.

Those truths filled in fullness in each pores
Allows to squeeze out to minded damned lies
Did we not meet now in real time? Reasons galore.
Heart talks louder in spite of continents in between
Throw of a survival sight you do shower this second
Reaffirms this existence purpose, take my soul my loyal love!

That whole chunk of familiarity you bear
Did I just feel in that beaming bit cutting across me?
Painful gasping, in and out, of consuming time envelope passes
Still never forgets to peep out like a butterfly in curiosity flutters
And that beats of fidelity, sometimes pretty racing, all just like me!

Wish I could peck that with mine and live with it
Lay it in my vast void of guarded golden field
Sow in kissing seeds of solid beady passions
Spray in undosed loads of over brimming love
Now that it grows stronger, this wishful truth
Spreads in me like gigantic leaves of breathing reality
An innate or more an integral of me, you are here just back in time.


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