subject matter




heart kept knocking  rapid- hard- loud
a cave heard in bombarding resonance
hurried jitters of pricking sweet pains
appears-disappears in sigmoidal waves
seismic pulses digs deep in sweet leaps

each one is a tremble of a holy temple bell
currents across cobwebs of my jelled hell
eagerest  bosom is in burns from your smell
as trickling drops you settle in my plots to swell

your dragging ways blow my pollens fully split open
tagging this mind in siliceous bits of your sculpts
freezing my moments to fluidize on your warmth ovens
tectonic shaking quakes merely felt in your absence

magical winds blowing over dull dunes of desert
where had you been all along until this moment
your sweet moistness brings me in cute flowerings
bundle back your frustrated dryness of offbeat silence.

ages-spaces- memories- colors-speaks-writes
and more, have defied me from you, the manmade senses
for once shun blockade banners  to barrier-less reefs
search sounds-winds-sands-rivers-harmonies-elements around
flow your tide in shores to enclose in a wild paranthesis

as strangers as we passed across in busy crowded alleys
centres of our kindling soul pulled us to an eye to eye relay
forgotten strongholds  of our intimacy flashes like a play
a walk in unison waits our symphony without any delay

my subconscious search conspicuously felt in tense
my research without agenda unveiling its purpose
my very sought subject matter ..getting the exacted link

come on in to join…am here to be your pacifying  pastures
…am here to be your containing ocean
…am here to be your fitting template
now I take shape and you know that’s our destined fate


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