Often engage the felt-afloat ‘more than myself’
over a ‘visible lesser self’ in a wrestle,
The former’s air of existence
drowning other in a warmth of toxic well.

As the state of matters get to a log
without a stale or a sign of further flow,
As it always had been in a ball of frozen motion,
Worsening basic beliefs vanishes decayed,
Unconventional bitter blows replaces as reality.

Words disarm me explicit only to your ignorance,
A default or like an auto response this had been,
The words here in expression backing the ideation,
Worth nothing  in maximum eyes’ seen as a dusted bin,
Or is an ill-charisma smelling off
their way even before a try of an entry.

Complacency thrones well un-tapping the real reserves,
Child in motherly grip feel well secured and lovable,
Even trivial things in parallel happenings around,
Get fondly etched like a bleak sculpt on tender greenwoods,
Could I blame those incubated enclosures of warmth?

Awaits of a pleasure that has to happen next,
An addicted surface rubs in insane increments,
Why dwell in that ‘hurried up’ nearing space of a climaxing end?
The name you hate to hear, it’s the pain, the burn, alone,
Never disappears like a pleasure, a stillness of what is true,
Should I take the diversion now? Or already am I on that?

A walk in the beach leaves me unworried of thirstiness,
Tiding wavelets one after another over my bare feet,
Foaming in anger of wasted values and misplaced beliefs,
Leaves only emptied air of gritty soils and unsweet salts

A flicker of an abrasive moment with your intimate virtuality,
Resembles the wavelet ending in nothing but empty spaces,
..And seconds of life at fullest you give..That is all you could give,
The best concealment of reasoning for endless flirts encountered,
The veil of intellectual objectivity takes over world like hellish passion..

The way of living is thus to touch and tap one’s reserve inside-out,
This activity sure shot guarantees heart-exploits in killing innocence,
Faintness of your touch leave lethargic minds never to be used ,
Those romantic hearts left unattended,unable to accept yet orphaned,
Like an unnoticed dormant volcano, get a lifeless lifeline to explode anytime..

Termination takes in each cell to start yet another thread,
Cleansed, rinsed, free is an active inert dust in still streams,
Charged up organic passion doesn’t fit in crowds of minded clogs,
Equation rejected before solvation for case doesn’t make any sense.

Can solid clouds of silence take over the unblinking suns of vaporous brilliance?


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