Riding a maneless horse
past an endless memory lane
Dry clutches of sandpapery hands
enclose it’s ears in a winding curl
Windy air storming through unfolded
lobes in screechy notes of untamed mood
It’s legs run awkward in wayward courses
as masked rider’s insane grip tightens

Once you sprinkled a starry
smile on a pretty passerby her
when you were then the ruling
Martian wonder, studded Sirius
shone your eyes’ amongst a magnet
face of dreamy constellations.
You still pass to and fro by her known
grasslands in well kept intentions best
known at least to you or maybe not too,
how misleading your displayed profile
clubbed with those shapeless asteriodal
handy satellite moongirls around you!

You split once again, a part of you
wanders across a Venusian princess
clad in white furs, your mercurial looks
took her to heights of excess pleasures,
Cleopatra would have miserably fallen
way back in numbers in such encounters
Just heard even her spirits captured a partial
you in her still jabbing jars of flirty containers.

No one’s a one but are many
as I may know each one’s story
Too many to count or account not so
uncommon run of the mill scandals,
Now it do gets hard to handle mounting
gravity plays, more of an ongoing agony,
Youth pyramid splits one in scatters,
colours to capsize vessels in journey

Lost in mutual scents of pull and push,
diverse ‘her’ met in manifold spatial
times  are a single ’her’in split colours,
Naughty streaks though seem to reach all
varifold tasting corners, breaches any law.

You still fuse back to a straight white ray,
Likes’ delineate to a linear love in a simple way

Solid genes are yours
Rarely goes for a toss
Never fluidizes in craze
Timeless travel of yours
Come in timed partitions
Virtue of whatever you are
Rips you apart in and out
Torn and worn, then you fuse
like a virgin dewdrop anew


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