re-do-it ~reduviid



Colourless streaks of his deadly ‘saliva’
lay in traces screaming over the squarish seater.

Her mindless after-presence over the same substrate
by a click of a pressed cushiony sit,
Spreading her curbing cutaneous curves to fit,
Presume ‘those’ would have sucked in fast
in hole(s) available(!) by a capillary layer or maybe not.

Time rewinds some b(g)rave minutes back,
When an assassin of a bug, a black one with yellow back spots,
(Lo, he appears to be a namesake terror, eyes falsify as ever),
Running sideward upward wayward in a clueless panic,
Entrapped in a wet warmth of her jacuzzi, powerless flyless,
Glued wings in unison, even more hapless as he tried
his fruitless slippery manoeuvres on merciless glassy mosaics.

Tender flesh of her naked soul trembles on
a threat of a spewing bio warfare , of a tiny entity?
A small attempt of being human takes over in an impulse,
Though in vain as her papery rescue boats he turns down,
Defensive game after a wasted magnanimity is her only devise.
Shining selfish genes takes no time,
Scurried floods of a simmering hot,
Drifts him in an almost final tour, to the drain
An underworld sewer survivor in case of valiance,
Or  a sludgy deathbed down there for his burial..

Whatever, an applause for her (to re-do-it!),
the assassinator of an assassin bug.


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