Nothing enlivens me like you, the fuller you in you.
To say, a no-moon you still will do more than any sun’s act.
Something native I smell in your presence enrobes me in your life-line flavours.
I know that you know how I feel, the same way as you feel which I know. A know-how circle.
What made us bump on each other I wonder, some skewed randomness I never wish this is one.
It got us excited out of our orthodox orbits, to unite in a stream of mattering encounters.

Miracles in series took over us in a few massive seconds.
Droplets falling in rowed relays over our valley, seeding in rippling blossoms touching one another.
To top up all is an outpour of a climaxing rain, sinks down urban melancholies’ traceless to the core.
In wilderness we resurface bracketed in a sanctuary.
Of a much yearned salience.  Yes, [WE] alone stands in silence.


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