miscellaneous twilight obscurities





A lone dog barks distant in flawless
repeats of short and sharp angry yelps,
rude boundary enquiries’ drops in dramatic
end note, that warn of a relaxed wolfish howl.

Ear-abrasive encroaches of some welds work
screeches in a violent running longitude,
spiced up bitter with roughly spaced head-
hammering beats, each one dearly surprises-
attaches a tail bit of pleasant descending
resonance, reminds of a high feminine pitch

Ravens hurry westwards in blanketing black
flutters of a dead slow spreading wing irony,
Bats in strange omens rocketing crisscross
in curtain closures of greying dullness matrices
Crescentic moon in wide-open shadowed jaws of
vengeance almost swallows a stranded twinkle

Lighted up centre hall hangs with exuding
fragrance of fruitless waits, abrupt missing
laughter of playful little angels bursts open
thorny desert blooms of glooming pain dunes

Copious quantum of diffusing window photons
darkens planting deep-rooted  self-loathing,
Else, are those mounting listless outlooks and vain
tantrums charring twilight to melancholic ashes?


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