dusted coats as they touched down

a screech to halt its track motion
in a noisy-snacky-shabby junction

exact tendered change coupons
fell to catch up unflown foot dusts
trampled beyond thresholds
sat as traceless urbane corpses

the two met eyes in a lit up spell
opaque lake held see-thorough glasses
emptiness ebbed in each glance

a beep of (sweet) pain grips to leave in a still
trance of (sweetest) nothingness

distant pillars embraced with slants of pencil
shadows tapered down
intercepted at hips,hairs, whatnot
eclipsed the broadcasted cones of illumined dust rays
those streamed beams through roof hole tops
filled a wide scope medium of pieces afloat

gaze of assemblance or dissemblance
the two picked up pieces to fit or form mutual maze.


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