Python runs past my path.
Twice as long of what it could be.
Eyes get fixed with legs in a non-existence float.

Strange, it never sensed me?
All on its own trip!

Danger within blinds, was it going to be a better trap trickster?

Plot of events cast a sticky doubt on a sweaty note.

Next day googled to retrieve those hard remnant clues.
Something real unearthed.
A caramel blotchy albino..
Background streaky whites flashed something so familiar!
Mind ploying jasmines and mangoes in glares of honeycomb
hexagons, notion of a risky harvest to a much realized harness..

Later after in the noon, remembered myself too was
part of the hideout double team, both
ran for a rescue in opposing sides of a broad
sandy way running in curves in an open
desert, getting behind stony covers in dearth of any greens.

This time, it was as those shrill fears forecasted.
No diversions it took, like a straight-hit target,
An unputdownable serpentine  monster swished
ferociously before me face to face ….
Waited on its hissing pose only for a unmanoeuvrable
daze of a  drowsing split-second,
To hit hard on my tightly crossed hands-fingers
protecting over lower abdomen(?!) …
Went on for three times.
A hat trick.Trickster indeed.

An apocalypse.
A clearing Saturn phase.
A releasing venomous grip.
A triple bite antidote to residence poisons.
A resurgence catapulting high into the upper sky.
An unequalled quench of a lifelong burning thirst.
A birth of an awaited nymphal planet in an orbital of miracle.
All gushing in subconscious in that unsplit marrying second.


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