Imagine is a bigger word than it seems
it holds YOU
it holds the
the pressure
fingers just press on the shower
it’s  a steel hand press bath type
mammoth figurine of you now flows
in jet speed rows
to swell shameless lips guarding hot air
furnace in cyclonic wave swirling inside

sprinkling force,
though not the
assault of your magnitude which
is in lines with my equally opposing
undying robustness,
never ever dares to
check the rapidity of booming tingles
of a hyper-bloated bubble in need of
desperate burst, though not breaking
in even a small crackle as desired, almost
eternal time passes as the shy-sweet-sour
sensation is in prolongation, it’s a starting
conversation of two yielded senses in abrasive
fusion of no wins or thumbs down equal battle

elutes of creamy whites float
after countless moments, jelled secrets
bear your signs, the last time a week
before without shower, had given fully to
their intoxicating doses–though differ in feel
each time over a range of runny exuberance
to an unaware viscous settle –nostrils’ repeatedly
dragging those scents, the one that’s pheromone
to you makes me go phenomenally crazy too

probing those pixels of imagined you
undifferentiated units lay in
your eyes, those casting rays they flash,
those naughty throws of swallowing winks
your words, those implied romantic breeze,
those explicit arrows of erupting dermatic violence
your touch, an infiltrating nile on sandy skin shores
filling each pores,  a constricting boa wholly taking me
your breath, a signalled whistle turning me
towards your pole, a crushing centripetal churn in your axis
your  smell, a wild musk charming a rose, a brutal
acidified volatility tearing me to a core of nudity

your impulses imbibing me to the imagining
your imageries painting me out of singularity
you is not just YOU, its a reality of felt abstracts
you is just you and me, its a deity of US in the making


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