Crashing fusion halt, in progress.
Stalled to a supersonic silence of senses.

Collision crisis sets in an indefinite hypnotic drowsiness.
Coils me down in your gravity like a sudden memory-blossomed snake
Grounds me touching secret depths of deepest trench,
falling on to your sacred waiting laps in meditation.

Buddha’s lotus eyes’ awakening into my widening oceanic pupils in anticipation,
an intensified spark from nowhere ignites from our mingling iris.

A feathery touch of your fingernail tip catapults me
high beyond logic and reasons, unfurls wings without fear and hypocrisy,
propels fast to swim timeless amidst your bright light-hearted dreamy skies.

Junky preoccupying thought-pests gets a terminating whitewash,
mountainous mind garbage blasts out to a clarified emptiness.
Frozen but I am, alphabets bet they are my bitterest strangers.
A derailed inexpressive express, words get stuck in my grey matter chaos.

Curious course of my arrows flow into your life-grammar pages,
Tumbles over pearls and pebbles of your magnetic charm, let me be frank!
Feeds me copious stimuli of a respiring need, not a desirous decor want.

Strings of my each vein and nerve in your hands, you let me ebb, flow and play
Still you take me with you all along with osmotic hearts till the seeming horizon


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