Screaming lights
Floods to an aortic drowning
Enlightens erratic targets of my neurotic rots
Blinds ecstatic to an instant killing chaotic riot

Piercing avalanche
A wanted blockade within
Simmers in vibrancy yet doesn’t roll anywhere,
Stationed to suck in entirety hot bottom vacuum

Million Buddha awakening
Indian lotus eyes blooms atop my dream pond
Weakened peduncle forearms sindoors my third eye chakra
Copious intimate nectary transfusions of kissing implants waits to..

Strengthen battle
Kurukshetra of Arjuna and Subdhadra
Holy fire holds raging passions of soul flame
Hymns of unison orchestrates dance of standstill

Fireflower blossoms
Rippling effects in a sweeping whirlwind motion
Countless buds wake up in a random domino effect
Bursting out from each of our merged cellular zygotes

Bleeding pores
Oozing out in proclaiming truth
that sustains fate’s mockery of life
each breath draped in bloods of OUR truth


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