Floating tiny clues
left in chance encounters,
invisible rays of cross-flowing currents,
filling insipid space with an air of mystical
languages craving to be decoded by you,
released not in any showy act of deliberation, truth
overflows to its draining ocean in some definite course,
Sense those indelible signs falling in place,
..Splattered clusters of reaching
globules touching your waiting
radar of absorbent receptacles,
those  sublime speaking circular surface
aglow alive with randomly expressed
emotional tentacles, as if in dire need
to sit inside your each matching cubicle.

Fitting in sync beyond any known calculations,
a worthy grassy pasture kissed with starry buds,
like diamond dewdrops of sparkling symmetry,
reflects a new geometry in each integral facet.

Blowing fibres of fertile winds, firmly
ensemble blossomed flower to a married
fragrance of unified garland, in a garden of permanence,
Carving out a sturdy peninsula studded in your succulent life- bay,
Vivisecting rivers of your passionate infiltration in a playful say.
Chaotic child of your unrepressed indulgence gets an ordered stay,
One among the rarest naturally expressive beings, a challenge though!


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