each minute it wriggles in a different note
nods-hums to a fast romantic beat in rains

wavy fingers-curious lipmoves-vigorous hipshake
it gave fully to itself, solitude’s wild heartbeat
it didn’t sense those cloudy smokes of choking death
it’s  hard wait for love you doesnt know, pretty lady in throne
it’s lifelong hope you doesnt need to carry, faceless worms do

not even toweled those remnant forehead droplets
than pains of black labour oozes out in drowning toxicity
it needs to give form name fame to the endgame you started,

the satanic birth, the last verses

unbound-crossborders-fraternize-familiarize stop these goodies
enough of huge lies you raise even your child, a whooping shame and crime
lonely and crazy, and lazy of course, credits to your raising , you shun now!
now heard you real! Words that shed very sparse, unlinked, in total disagreement
roots of you doesn’t care for those flowery buds burnt out before a burst, your girl!
iron blocks of bitter denial, an avalanche of ignorance is the best last return , a total kill!
a paralyzed mind thrown over a forsaken island facing  the wrath of an engulfing tsunami
a cactus sap copiously fed to end the last ritual…mamma, it pains for her, here..heart, in departure.


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