asariri, the voice of oracle




Invasive rays bathe her in daily exclusivity.

His unputdownable straight-hit beams
lits up her smiling (sur)face in a golden sprinkle.

4 pm yellow spirited basks, this sunshine
{(his) constancy is an undated particulate line
It is like as it was and that same it would be}

dissolves into a veil of decocted darkness
shifting her in grips of an unhappening fogginess..
….6 pm twilight avalanche balls
(erratic appearances of attack they present with,
tackling is a far-off thought, if at all left untorn
roll within windpipes aloud
brewing a crisis that dangles across
stinging neurotic corners in hysterical outbursts..
..dissects her in random segmented
bygone to ongoing haunted memories

5 pm organic time mostly sizzles with steaming affair
{Consistency waves are they,
Offer whatever they have in them, arms if reached, gets answered
fares up in some certainty than many love(less) jugglery}

Deep smooching steams fuels enough,
multiple cups of simplistic teas to hold her one,
serves a buffer plastering back from upcoming twilight crisis

A desert deer nearing extinct trod in an ancient deep thirst,
her rainless tongue-pores in a whirlpool wait  to draw (?)
her stricken lip-strings hang in cobweb clouds to be orchestrated(?)
mere fossils of withering non-matters in the making they are..

Mirage plays of an ironic oasis sustains her puppet show still,
searching her puppeteer with thunder-fibred master threads
‘never to be found such delicate steels in place’, an asariri,
the oracle made echo-less, hitting vacated spaces of once-seated sand dunes.

a s a r i r i   the oracle voices like a  roaring Leo-man,
his endless ethereal nation
pulls her hard strings of revival,
his down-pouring freedom skies liberates her from stubborn beliefs,
Is he just playing the puppeteer she believed?

Her search   e n d s  here .


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