and what’s now



a spark flies from no where for an ignition
from an origin untraceable
through path undefinable
with a speed uncalculative
yet landing in exactness in tipping that dyeing point
that spot of greenery in a wilted burn crucification
rising an aura amidst smokes to light up a luminous core

Innumerous aspergillus on an off-white painted bath door
grey minds on humid summer rains in a cankered heaviness
unhealthy green penicilliums on an oil smeared can surface
persistant wetness in doormats as if anew to any drying before
thin spread of warmth envelopes a messy earth as night grows kind
cavity of frontal tooth in a known sensitive pain-moan as brushed
eyes fell on a firefly in glowing abdominal bricks, and what’s now..


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