air in common




goes anywhere
knocks aloud to dare in a probe
neither a dumb settle
nor an air carried

(Air doesnt carry air)

questions unasked
made to appear foolish

heavy deposits of elevated minds
adds to airs’ lightness a dirt of stigmatic portion
their highness turns in stratified repulsing
patterned circles of groupisms thriving
an evolved way of unanswering silence
murderous ignorance
assumed standards to be thought in maintenance
air kicked back by the killers
both their self-air and those outer
freedom minds,unheard of their brutal practices

unbalance needs to grow to the world’s endpoint
underworld compactness fullstops any air types
sucks in depletion
laughs in vengeance even as they die.

vision arises in each inner as rare flicker(s)
catch it in a self-less momen

commonality of air links lives undifferentiated

embrace this lightness of the only simplistic molecules,
though this needs complexity forbearance of higher amplitudes


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