A-Lily-In your-Pond .







Black and white to put this mind in one shot,
better like a stock-market analyst than a poet,
to say, with more of my daily streaky blacks
that highlights my white and pure find of love.

Do not think much on why it’s black streaks.
A tender swipe of greasy lampblacks taken
every night from just lowered off oil-lamp
cotton wick end which got tired of burning,
smokes off to a sooty gritty carbon terminal,
gets adorned as sacred streaks in nerve chakras
whole sequence pretty lingering  camphoraceous

Now I see this nothing oriental or deeply religious
For here, my seeking gets reiterated ferocious.

A gracious find now I hold you, after many a bitter battled voyages..

If time is just a concept, ticking yet baffling
then listen to amplified heartbeats in a timeless song…
Minutes we met equals intensely overlapped kissing gazillions.
Puzzling enough is how pervasive you are beyond any boundaries,
embedded in my cellular times of reality, dreams and further beyond.

If space is just an envelope, demarcated yet invisibly diffusing,
then picture my red arterial visions in crystal clear lucidity…
short-time wavelengths of virtual web place we shared were eternal
interstellar stardust medium, foretelling our unconditional fusion

If words spelt out were sparse and unplanned,
(still music to these eager ears, are anything you utter)
mismatching with inner winking fireflies and throbbing butterflies,
then blame those potent sediments of undying devotion within,
unknown until one blooms out of parachuting doubtful landings.

Living deity is what you are to me, worth unknown to yourself,
Intuitive heart echoes within to be an offered lily in your pond
Faded earthy looks gets cleansed as I drip on you diamond dews
Blinding sheen of radiating love layers you now shine with anew.


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