Emptiness Fills and Feeds..not a Weed to Kill


Thoughts kept oscillating
over the same focal point //.\\

His short yet core
engrossing encounter

What is he made of?!
Come on..Not anything common!

He’s some finely integrated magnetic particles..
…ruthlessly disintegrating me instant.
Just only to contain me at ease to a holistic piece.
His mind ocean takes it all, of mine….such composure.

Swam like an angelic mermaid in his married night waters
As slanting rays pierced in some terrible planned transparence,
Mysterious sunshine emptied him to an unsuspicious amnesiac memory
Drained off this wriggling heart.
A tsunami in sudden withdrawal.

His mountainously engaging absence,
Gripping her in ropes of wrecking emptiness
Eyes sweating out pain drops in his searching weariness..

Now, empty moments not only filling
but brimming with your intensifying gravity talks, smiles, shares..
Encircling me fully in your unmissing circumference

Just now, as I cheer our moments once together
Just now, as I celebrate my gratifying fitting solitude
Just now, as I sense your presence near..everywhere,
In spite of your pumping blood n fleshy tissues absence…

I sweetly tumble upon a “dreamer’s” write on empty moments
A plain simple soul she is , Oriah Mountain Dreamer, the writer,
All her words seems to be a true solace in doubtful hazy times
As it greatly reflects our waiting hearts in streaming oneness

p.s : Link to Oriah Dreamer’s Invitation :


pic courtesy: © Tracy Bollinger – http://www.redbubble.com/people/midnightakita


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