Mayflies tumble
upon each other
in shallow flights

Ephemeral beauties
dissipate themselves
in a day of your outpour

Coming of the majestic clouds.
My Indra,valiant,romantic
…tiresome you look now
after a bloodshed battle

Asuras’ take their blows
Tilak on your forehead..
Shines brilliant red.
Fresh victory blood.

Transfer part
of that gleaming spot.
My eye-chakra waits..

Sparks of our kissing tangential fusion
Sounds of our synced beats in motion
..don’t rewind moments to research nanoseconds
when you caught me whole on your unaware shores.

A celestial fish jumps out of bland blue skies
Somersaults on your eventful illumine sands
Gills respire memories of your million dreams
Not any lesser even by one ..of your sown visions

Touch me now or never, can you remember this mitra
See my nymphal wingbuds take shapes bigger in our ekta
I carry you forever..as we revive purvajanma’s yatra

No deviations.No destinations

Endless.Doubtless. Fearless

Now wake up from your nitra
Don’t shun.
Don’t run.
Don’t intend to pretend your
ignorance of my presence here..now

tilottama says so.


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