~# hingeless splice #~




Longsearched researched  rarefound bittersweet fairyenigma that you are,

Mindmummiied crispywinged spacemermaid rosepetal like a pyramidherbarium

Killerdraped palepinks  melloweddown  brownedges inside my mindflowers,

Nowthat, prettypithy spreadscents evokeeven bodygravity butterflyspots.


Boneless tonguebuds  in heartfilled deeplingers  allthrough daynight,

As I wakeup with citrussybergamot dipsips of mildgreen teacups

Wildred  applepeel  crunchysalad  hotappeals in tabledup latedinners

Rosepetal bittersweet  offergoods of your quickarousal tastetantilizers

Moistlove dampswells you up to a softsucculent lotuspatulous godeyelids

Yetagain quitequiet settledown with warcry brittledry, only to entertainregain




p.s: got much inspired by fusedwords by one of my favourite adored writermates …two related(?) words used without a break ..here, I take an intensive plunge..maybe overdosed!! but yeahh n aahh, sheer power when joined  or just reads like a sorta puzzle  🙂 left to your feedback (+ ve or _ve)  thou …





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