CISSUS ~ She.Is.Us

CISSUS ~ She.Is.Us

Her cuboidal pillars of effervescent
succulence, hold latent desires
to touch sky-high horizons,
Stationed warfare within her- bleeding
rains of sharp attacks, showered
unasked to lunatic
mind-blunts, desirous of whiling-away
plays of poking tendencies..
Artilleries of her culling blades
comes in extemporaneous action,
Inimical intrusions thrown out to drowning
seas of their self-consciousness, diverse
tackled shots she handles a lot on her
carefully treaded way of life- her
unwavering vertical penetrance.

Ridges of amorous sculpts
lying in neatness of  pleated curves,
dug out of her by time’s barbarian knives…
..And just (ironic) enough to spurt
out her spirits, on that very same cutting
edges –ebullience of bulging out
fluttering flaps of tetrad-wings in a take-off..
Feathers seem to be in perfect
tandem with a spatial freedom
long-dreamt off, her vacuole heart’s
burdened pockets breathes in ease now.

Alluring blood red-bulbs of anyone’s
mind-craving pulpy berries,
shines as a warding-off sign
threats of messing pessimistic
intents gets a perfect kill at point blank range..
Soft tendrils whips out, accentuate the final
punctuation-a fine finishing game… surrounds
gently for a grave-duty,strangulates
prey in such a painless beauty


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