angels of ANTicipation

angels of ANTicipation

Missile-fast they swarm in marching trails,
No pressurized air of an army-discipline seen,
A happy free-style disperse in random arrays,
Rushing chaotic only to an act of disappearance,
Mind, waking up vibrant, wanders increasingly curious …
Bunches in a surprise cameo appearance …from where??
Guessing hard about their next converging destination…
Or is this a celebrity-sort canvassing running mission?

Blame this weedy brain of live news channels, paparazzi cultures!

Humble inner carriage of a deep-sown
traditional knowledge…shows up sometimes,
With long-forgotten flashes of memory shots!
A classical lazy case of comfortable selective amnesia…
Such a similar low-watt flash hitting hard to remind,
tiny-black-swift –naive angelic messengers they are,
never a recorded case of hurting ,
silenced mandibles of no prickly bites,
unlike their sluggish-dangerously red-notorious cousins!

Many would have had this sweet-reckoning,
cherished real-time experience– skin-tingling,
As they would have run over us by chance,
…fibrillous appendages treading in extreme
velocity- a breezy flowing touch like a lover’s
tender finger-tip gravity waviness in slow-motion……

Folklore tales makes them heroic miniature beings!
Unfailing rain-indicators they are,
taking stride of the changing seasons,
seems like dictators of trickily mutating weather..
As they move simple and unassuming,
infusing the air with magical spray of rainy smell.

No wonder, we open welcome doors of home and heart,
Lasting sensation of ‘feel-good’ness gets implanted,
By their short-lived presence-in-motion, ‘God’s own’ ants!


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