of wars, plots…and wins

Shedding pearls from deep-hidden shells, those

smooth-ended words of incessant love

flowing out subconsciously

as I see you,


Thousand questioning warriors of arresting

guilt and fears subdued, paraded

parallely in reckless encounter

freezing me,

Statue of fate, restless mind-tides eroding

away the miniscule calmness, an

unsurpassed numbness

conquers me from you,


It’s the silence of the killer whales, little

undercurrents too felt in tremendous

amounts, signals out secret

dialects to you,

As I hunt down preys of my very own

bitter-negated entities, just wait

and watch me in a victorious

ascension towards you,


Half-hearted arrival is not the real home-coming,

concreted surrender of the triumphant

whole is my gifted


Susceptible not to anyone-anything now,

play in my heartland just for a life-time,

game of love overpowers

any minded-plots.

of wars, plots…and wins


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