Phantoms and Demons

Nothing to lose anymore, even at rarest random,
Sings aloud the high-flying positive soul of phantom,
All in apparence though- faintly heard, an unseen emblem,
Just got the better of it-a liberated spirit of total freedom!
Lived and lived ever like a disdainful pale tree of autumn,
Filled in their sarcastic bursts, benchmarked as rock-bottom,
Pages of life remarked in shames of red, black-marked as erratum,
Now, can you believe this-it’s top-notch in all (un)known-quantum,
Wearing roaring wins of rainbow, consumes pitfall of doldrums,
Inciting words of sadistic thoughts flows to hurt deepest fathoms,
Sensitive souls leaving frames, joins fleeting spirit in tandem,
Either insensitize talented touch-me-nots or curb satirical demons,
To live is to love, the staple of love is still anyone’s addendum.

(Yue Minjun Art attached)

Phantoms and Demons


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