Morning Glory

Mind wakes up in the day’s untamed air of pristine clarity
Magnolia in serene blooms, clearing webs of inner calamity
Mild pain spreads from each beat- life’s a smile-coated journey
Mixed wear of looks beams out, a mish mash of a fused identity
Mongolian eyelids of swollen spathy pillows, soft and puffy
Married with dark hues of a short frame, a Dravidian authenticity
Myriad thoughtful eye-mounds, tucked in with flowers of divinity
Minutes of self-talks in rippling resonance for a unified vivacity
Mirroring eye sees a freed mind of a singing skylark in ecstasy
Morning virginity vanishes to hot-noon grown-ups, spoilt brats?
Meaningful spins of Earth with both opportunity and adversity.

-umarani jayaraj 24.05.2012
(Adam Scott Miller’s Art “Sea Flower of the Morning” enclosed)

Morning Glory


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