Wild musky wwhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrsss
of the stormy winds blowing in violence
with its abrasive spray of salted touches,
Permeating shy filled expressive stance
of her curvaceous universe in a pin-drop
Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhh of a waiting silence,
Heard are those rambling murmurs ,busy
whispers of errrrrssss and iiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzz,
Traces of graphics signed-off in air gracefully
by those romantics, the drunken bumblebees
over the drawing scents of smiling canopies ,
All’s well , but why this Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh-
a withdrawal of happy earthly spirits,
Just a lusty preview you rehearse ,
With a scanty spell of moisty smell,
a tricky rainy blow and a lazy drizzle..
A generous Ggggnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
of your flaming fury in monotony,
Shunning a while is only possible,
Literally a fire in the belly, funnily
losing energy, a hell of dire thirsty
pairs of yearning earlobes , answer
just by JJjjjjjjjjooossssssshhhhhhhhh
outpour of a bash, an all-round chiller!



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