( CONTENTS WARNING :   a mind of a serial killer …in words here. Reader’s discretion is solicited)

Craved to the deepest core,
an emotional beggar unnoticed
at your heart’s populated entrance
for the smallest , or at least, fake attention
Recklessly diminished to a negligible stranger,
Strangulated by loveless glances, severely sidelined,
Sweetly orphaned of any scent of least, a namesake, goodness—
A meanest of a withdrawing smile
A quickest of a synthetic handshake,
A lightest of an unintended hug
A blandest of a boring chit-chat
A slightest of cosmetic company,

And, Its always MORE to ask you this…

Now, these flaming flickers
and close-pixeling shots,
pouring in LIVE, golden
waves of celebrity attention..

I don’t hesitate
to confess, I love
to tell my lasting mission of shortening lives,
to reveal my lively passion of causing deaths,
I dare all to showcase
those intelligently made-invisible evidences,
those peace-stained motives and memories,
those decays of scents emanating , uniquely yours ,
those goodbye gifts of mine, crystalline black roses!

For you had NOW
outpoured in generous,
what I ever needed ,
the attention and kindness!

Now, salute this angelic messenger,
Fatally kissing you to peace of death,
THANK ME , you grave sufferers of life,
For I am your Saviour of redemption
I heard those echoes, your crying inside,
I need to answer you with humane mercy,
I never IGNORE you , I never IMITATE YOU,
I never can be as deafly INHUMAN as YOU,
Take my shots, my SURPRISE , UNASKED LOVE!
To relieve you tracelessly, beautifully
An unspelt euthanasia carried out
with all honour and dignity sometimes,
When insanity creeps in subconsciously,
Silently but violently ripping apart in
pieces, the more the pieces, the more peace!
At peace I am … and you, finally! Thank ME infinitely…

Unending saga of love,
this spell of sequence –
this killing, never spine-chilling,
Its heart-warming peace-hunting,

delivering your stop of a bodily freedom ,
a liberating ritual to make you ceased
of restless routine –your breathing,
Pure and putrid -as you lay,
Decaying scent and deceased accent,
choking my senses to
never found ecstasy!

Embracing the intimacy
with your wilting flesh,
My gift tonight –Black ROSES!
Lifted from you, the twin iris-
artfully placed for final warmth,
at the same door of denial-your heart!

(enclosed Blood Black Rose- art by CursedBlackWings)



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