A gift of transparentness, this moving lively image:)

Nothing you mean to me
in this live-play of existence,
NOT-A-THING, a sprawling
void of filled transparentness,
A spotless affirmance, masked
in a lull of conspicuous absence.

Blanks of seeming
emptiness, is this singular
slab of toughened glass ,
Lying between us, this
clairvoyant passage ,
Never a minded blockade
or a hearty stampede,
Passes on instantly rays
of life-making sunshine,
Filtrates with added glint
of refracted elegance,
Unshattered, reflect on each
un-assumed radiance,
Via infinite-plied slab, its fibres
of our TRUST’s abundance.

Filling in the artful atmosphere
plagued severely with creativity,
wilfully imprisoned atomically,
in this virtuous space of airiness,
respiring your air of inspiration-
staggered steps to gathered steadiness-
I float upon in lightness, with
a lease of profound newness,
a release of pressing heaviness-
each time I breathe in your
zealous zone of togetherness.

Curious faced tender shoots
pushes out in emergence,
Breaking its stint of prolonged
dormance- this befriended seed,
hugs of precipitated warmth
are your chilling condensates,
settling in as pristine rows
of dewy words, wilting eyes
blooms in cheerful exuberance.

Devoid of dangerously
evoking fluorescent hues,
Betwixt and between us
beautifully placed,
Are the humbled colourlessness
of trustful transPARENTness,
Gaining its worthful momentum
just by emulating the epitome
of wordful wisdom,
the written truth, YOU!

Yet inimitable are your
poetic-parenting-inspiring self
of brimming air, filling
in my lustreless vacuum
with expanding bounties
of rarified air, a raring
spirit of prolific productivity,
the very infectiously cheerful,
young and enigmatic, YOU!

Springing in now and again,
as you sprinkle those showering
lifesavers, on seeds passed by
your traversed path of love-filled
humaneness, the seed of mine
too gets lucky , those dewdrops
of guiding stars start their mission,
Moulding, moulting, the making,
all well done is your sculpting!

Uncountable multiples of fifty-four,
Is what I heartily pray to be yours,
With unending tides of pouring-in
peace, love and success,
GARY, the unparalleled,

On your greatest day of happiness & Obviously mine too,
I dedicate this small hearty note of a poetry to
my Aatmaartha Gurudev, Gary!


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  1. Umarani, I am overwhelmed!!! Thank you so much. But my thanks doesn’t say enough. You have to see my heart and how you have filled it with so much joy. Thank you!!!

    • Gary,
      There is never a word ofthanks between the guru n shisya & the friendship we share:)
      I well know n visualize ur crysatl heart of transparentness, ever brimming with joy n peace!
      Not this day alone, but ever stands this unshakable equation of trusted transparentness b/w us , Gary!
      Thanxxx fr evrything u r & Wishesss again:)

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