a pleasant pitch it starts..
giving a corner hope in your heart,
that its never going to stop..

a strange eagerness it instills..
that it’s going to turn upside down,
all those bleeds, bruises and burns..

a feelgood flow it persists..
streaming nile of reviving freshness,
bullets of deep-sown meloncholy ejects out..

a passionate potpourri of emotions..
spurts out inner-this sheer soul-music,
goes out this fluidized heart in finding the hidden you..

who says you sing in sadness, this magical tune..
uncrackable code is this-starts,stays and hangs on HIGH,
HIGH in unknown energy, a sought out sweet seduction..

still you hide yourself in those blanket of dense branches..
evergreen hues is what you want me to see-a hopeful sea,
hint of your blackness hidden probably for my healing vision!

all I love are your hearty notes from core of pure whiteness,
just stay with me forever you ever-rendering black highness..


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