Lemony fluorescence to a mango straw yellow,
Living daylights take a rare ambience, a playful glow,
As the flaming sky turns to a mellowed pastel canvas-
Baby pinks, pista green and creamy yellow streaked over,
the maximal blue backdrop with heaps of icy white clouds,
Still persisting as the fathomless ceiling of this earthly openness,
A sudden colourless transparence, a sort of dullness towards darkness,
This twilight’s a tea-time with merry papery laughter of chirpy leaves
A sudden switch, vivacity of various hues to a mere shadowy silhouettes!
Seen against the losing lights of the closing skies, those birds returning…
Scenes of transformance kissing my thoughts in a sort of sweet resurgence,
Not for long, as popping-out corns needs close attention, ACT II waits for my children!
Winding up my meandering mind from your magical acts, flowing back to the synthetic den..
Don’t you know me from the days of a zygotic spore, when will you take me from these lores,
Deepened yearns of this heart sees you everywhere, waking up to you-don’t hide from me longer..


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