Brown invisibles of innumerous splinters,
Specks and straws of needle-like lightweights,
In itsy-bitsy clumsy scatters of un-mindedness,
Hints missed, eyes never glint on opaque dullness..

Tiny wedges of penetrance waits with hidden agenda,
Ominous dangers wears a silence of doubtless inertness,
Tactile not yet fragile looks, these tiny missle-heads,
Skewed up minds clueless of their final fatal destinations..

Probable events of disasters in their veiled haziness,
Are gigantic clarities of pained imminence after occurrence!

That frail and small brown one maybe, pierced within seconds,
Just swapping the fingers across, this now deeply nailed for remembrance,
Brown to black in prominence, embedded well inside flesh of this skinny amber,
Wooden platform of the work-in-progress for that work-space cubicle,
Lethal substratum had it become , lifeless monsters and choking death sways nearby..


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