Clotted Ink


Harder the sways,
In motion now-a-days,
Still lying in mirroring coldness,
This shivering chilled metallic piece-
Once extempore, a case of true mirage?
Left to wonder on its ‘dubious’ visage…
Wrathful pen of those piercing thoughts,
Triggered not the capillary flow by sways now!
Pearls of tiny red-balls scatters in haphazard ways,
Blankness of cellulosic whiteness weeps in silence,
Clotted ink of this frozen heart in flaming lime-lights,
Mercurial heat of alluring attention never ever enough,
Yellowed but never mellowed this synthetic focussing,
Dripping love of inner molten heart in an iced-percussing,
Tap it firmly-gently, self-harnessing rhythms of soul-harmony,
Disintegrates never these uncoagulated drops of love’s symphony..


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