Tiding the silent shores in incessant motion,
Inching in towards her inners of silence,
Daring oceanic waves testing her patient shores,
Flirting ingressions for what type of fruition?
Over-desirous floods of devastation
is your indulgence, craziness in action..

Unseasonal rain cousin too,
In your copied inheritance,
Sudden notoriety of summer rains,
Lashing auburn earth’s vacant laps..

Princely frogs in sequenced
scores of croaking melodies,
In a blast of moist seductive tones,
Weaving their magic on hidden queens..

Idly had she been her crispy dry-lands,
Breezy droplets setting her in wild-fire,
Losing her inert mindset,gentle rains
seeps in pores to wed her everywhere,
Logged with his wetness of outpouring love,
Blooms of fertile freshness she now smells,
Whistling buzzes of storms with bangs of
thunderthuds,those sparks of lightning swords,
Or even the worst terrors of shaky tremors too,
Could this ball of earthly heart bears singular,
Lonely spins and rounds still unweatherd she goes,
Flickering her rainman’s minerals all over the universe..


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