That ME in her..


Strands of dense straight hairs,
Aligned like a broad Amazon,
Flawlessly flowing, she stands..
A simple girl biting her fingers,
Shyness sticking a bit, she shines,
With her usual infectious smile..

Inside her were hidden those seeds,
dangerously blooming each moment..

Its that adamancy in her core-beliefs,
Burning midnight oil and all the toils,
a flicker of passion took her to all ends,
traversing those unventured extremeties,
Became a way of life , risking anything-
When it meant to others only nothing…

It did grow in limitless magnanimity,
Taking a toll anyone around her would say..
for she is a broken piece of useless vase,
never fitting into the lies and sophistications,
ever seeking frankness in love,
that truth and perfection,
in what she insanely believed!

Grossly unfitting survivor she is..
Left out in solitude, or maybe self-created,
Space of hers is a restricted worldly vacuum,
Uncrowned queen she is throned there,
Her kingdom with her loved ones..

Change is inevitable they say..
Changing the change, insanely
made it a constant in her life..
Good or bad..this is that me,
Still that me in her
Forever that me in her..


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