Chronic Freedom


Mounting tonnes of unknown heaviness
to bosom bursting,
Screeching shrills of deafening silence
to bloodied earbuds,
Infinite piercing solitude arrows clogging
bodily skinnish pores,
Roughened leathery blanketed eyelids
painstakingly cemented,
Flaring bubbles of shooting out fire sparks
held in solar twin balls,
Deepening darkness digging out smile-masked
fathomless agonies,
Seasoned rosewood cot holding this dreadful body
seems like erupting,
Un-breaking slots of space and time eternal
stands still puzzling,
Distant innocent cries breaks all in a moment,
tears consumed in temperance,
Ephemeral cells respiring choked daily,
paving soul’s freeing in chronic ascendence…

p.s. : This is a rewrite/ modified write of one of my pevious post titled” Way to Freedom”


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