Pondering Eyes….

Pondering Eyes….

Each time you wake up those deep sown elements,
Your naked steamy notes raising up in unending curves
Immersed in your warmth of fogginess as they condense,
Droplets of dew you settle down on nose-tip and brow-lines,
Hotness sip as lips slide you in with a kiss of shrunken oneness,
Chemistry doesn’t work on ceramics, don’t you worry white cup!

 Swallowing in slowly, spreading your warmness to the core and corners,
Digging out the magical feel-good smileys hidden in each zealous pores-
those tiny bubbles waiting to burst out in dispersal , an aura is this sphere!

 Catalysing the catalyst is your nobility, fuelling the flame of spirited soul,
Even after the last sip, fingers of hotness fomenting gently the eyelids..
Each bit you had served, still a question lingering in those pondering eyes…

 Sprinkling jet of water washing out those hotness, waking up to a new scene,
Dream you seem to be now, and I search for the dream you evoked inner,
A dream inside a dream lost in the heat of gaining sunlight, blinded by glares,
Aura of that universe with lively planetary bubbles , vanishing into oblivion,
Searching the infinitesimal soul, once flaming with the limitless pervasion..

Each day you still actively engage, reduced to a dream déjà vu again and again.



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