Tar Pitch

Tar Pitch

Foreward: I would start with a quote of my favourite poet, Edgar Allan Poe, 
                      “I have great faith in fools – my friends call it self-confidence.”

Maximally refined is this entity,
Tagged as filtered fool in entirety,
Dream of Asphalt is what I hold,
A simpleton given to ‘so-called’ temptations,
Neither uncensored vices nor any plunders,
Are these self-given promises of soul utterances..

To live or die against anything –for gods of truth and love,
Touted as the fallacious fool, not worthy for worldy survival,
Mutating minds with fluctuating desires, Will you ever rest?
Shallow hearts given to binging on assets, junks aren’t they ?

Unnerved sure you look by my words, foolproof truth is what I spell,
Insipidity am I, stare deep until you breathe free from blocked senses, 
Tar Pitch am I, I sit like a hard and dark pitch undissolvable,
Yet flow out in exuberance like a black tar unstoppable,
Only in that discrete heat of just your truthful blink, my catalyst!
Slow and steady are my ways, very natural and predictable..

Tar Pitch am I, against all ‘set-norms’ I live for an eternity ,
Dying out each moment-only to bloom in newness every second,
Tar Pitch am I, kill me from the woods and yell at me as fool,
Still I ever keep my cool to serve your soul, with distilled truthful love..


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