Never did I yearn for this pained gratitude, Oh my children!
Flawless shimmers of this ‘gifted’ mechanistic greenhouse,
My endless love in dark closets of arrested indifference..

Parting gift is this lavished seclusion , Oh my children!
Richness never asked for, enforced upon for your evasion,
Burdened ache never on anyone, integrity needs patience..

Now that, housing this hapless case of an undoubted solitude,
Lying like a rare croton species, vibrance of grievance exuding,
Prepaid alien support systems for heart’s ticking digital monitors..

Live support or a death accelerator are these facilitated fakeness?
Dosaged drugs timely poured without love, yet drying and dying inner,
Roots intact still, Why did you all forget your roots,Oh my Children!

Enlivened it becomes, as I die out each minute in your remembrances,
Last hope of wilting soul is this, just pour in your warmth of smiling nearness!

p.s : Dan Colen 2011 painting enclosed.


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