Sensitive central trunk of heart,
throbbing with beats of emotional delicacy ,
dipped and drenched in repelling browns of truth,
that it looks an insipid existence, an easy target
for your drugged, dozing and drunken -bullying eyes…

the depths of pain and love knows these subtle laughters
of brittle and dried withering leaves- gently embracing
the eternal cradle of earthly mother in wilful unison…
Samadhi – a statue of silence it stands for decades now,
Bodhi….it is this perennial tree-a sensibly networked dendrites,
branched in generous against multitudes of adverse terrains,
Are its infinite grips of mountain-piercing innumerous tiny roots..

Yoga- a harmonious standstill… running never fiercely,
To spit out angered deposits like a hot puking volcanic jerk !
Never it carried those negativities of vengeances, those
loadful heaps of filthy sludges running in your crappy veins….

This wood bears the stony pelting of superficial minds ,
those senseless rogues with no better business in hands,
than pointless hurting of ethos, do you think it’s in vogue?
Phew, blown out are all your feathery light-headed missles,
Never even puncturing smallest of my tempered surface..

Better live like a cowshed- pest of a visible robberfly
that sucks and sits almost undisturbed to get itself killed ,
rather than a nosy housefly rubbing its wings and minds of dirt,
voicing your vociferous comments on so-assumed meekest!
Meek are you in reflecting derogatory statements so meany…

Those still for goodness did I accept, this aspiring curious mind,
Echoing frankness if you had done in any way, I do welcome that,
Brutally bent forces acting inside you, ever had you appreciated ?
Constructive criticism is what any heart expects, stop destruction,
Bullying fashionably you roam around, it boomerangs in multiples…


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