Virtue of Beauty


Turbulence of deep undercurrents it holds,
Still the tranquil surface of ocean’s serenity ,
Is what is this unperturbed state of BEAUTY!
Its not the hastily jumping, easily excited
chattering wild streams or a showy waterfall,
running wayward in unintended courses…
BEAUTY is the holistic composure,
Beauty is the inner soul’s signature,
Its a meditating soul in fine solitude,
Its silence shines from its infinite sparkles,
Those bejewelled ignited sparks inherited,
Derived from self-less fearless submission,
Subjection to risks of life’s hard way of truths,
Truths of love sought, with scars and pains..
Still like a filled up ocean, stands motionless..
Brims in each pores, a realised purposiveness,
Exuding freshness of a just-settled dew drop,
Fragrance of a newly blossomed flower bud,
Bears ever the innocence of a childish smile..
Beauty is beyond any manipulations,
Beauty is free from all pretensions,
Its the mirroring of the inner soul flame,
Flashing its gleeful light on souls tresspassed,
In hearts it lives, in air it dissolves..Never DIES!


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