How well do I know myself?
That ‘well’ is unfathomable for me,
Which for many others may be very negligible,
I am who I am, still often I ask to myself, Who am I?
Do you ‘know’ who I am?
Even if you do, your ‘know’ is a different one from mine,
My ‘know’ is what I think I had ‘known’,
That may be just a hypothetical assumption
Or a doubtful case of terribly mistaken,
Or may be only an illusory conception,
Or only a self-appealing notion..

Whatever ‘known’ about self,
I am unlearning to be ‘unknown’,
For what is in me, is still an enigma,
I do try to unravel the inner persona..
Sometimes find as curious as a playful little child,
Sometimes find as mysterious as the one most ‘wanted’
Sometimes trying to be worldly logical like most men,
But almost all times in solitude heart garden so feminine,
Sometimes, feels like a bursting volcanic magma,
Sometimes, feels as cool as a succulent cucumber..

The only way is now to wait until fag-end December,
When just another year ruthlessly passes away,
Time merely seems monotonous each minute,
Exactly opposite, I feel myself new each moment,
Ceaseless self-exploration until last breath,
Is what my momentous lifetime take-away ..


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